Qualification for Membership

Section 1. Any person twenty-one (21) years of age or older, who has been a resident of the City of Albion, or
living within the Albion Fire District jurisdiction at least three (3) months prior to making an application, may
become a member of this Department according to all the Rules and By-Laws with the approval of the Board
of Control.

Amendment 1: If a member moves out of the Albion Fire District jurisdiction, but works within the District
and chooses to stay an active member of Albion Fire & Rescue Department he/she shall follow all policies and
procedures as set forth in the By-Laws.

Amendment 2: Any applicant from a previous department who moves into Albion Fire District jurisdiction and
 chooses to become a member of Albion Fire & Rescue shall be exempt from the three (3) month waiting period
 as outlined in Membership Article 7 Section 1.

Section 2. In order to become a member of the Fire Department said person must make application signed by
one active member of the Fire Department, to the Board of Control.

Applicants shall be interviewed by the Board of Control at any regular scheduled Board of Control meeting and
if accepted, shall be presented and introduced to the Fire Department at the next scheduled Department meeting,

Final approval rests with the City Council. Any member accepted into the Department must abide by the
Constitution and By-Laws of the Albion Fire & Rescue Department.

Section 3. All new members shall serve a twelve (12) month probation period which they must attend all
meetings and drills, unless excused by a member of the Board of Control. They shall attend a Basic Fire
Fighting/EMS course within the first twelve (12) month period, new members must be able to demonstrate to
the Training Officer(s) and the Fire Chief they are capable of running equipment and can demonstrate proper
fire fighting methods/EMS skills and have a working knowledge of Department SOG's as directed by the
Training Officer(s). The Board of Control must approve any exceptions to the above requirements.

He/she may be expelled from the Department by a 2/3 vote by the members present at any regular meeting, if
the Department members feel he/she will not make a good member. A review committee consisting of the
Board of Control, shall at the end of the new members first year, evaluate and recommend to the Department, if
another period of probation is required, or to reject ot accept in the Department.